We can’t stop thinking about…

How can we bring clearly defined and measurable change into the collaboration
of people, data and technology?

We founded our digital agency in 2019 to help our corporate clients answer their information era challenges. In our team we blend business, service design, data management and technology perspectives to deliver end-to-end solutions. We don’t believe in partial solutions: you can count on us from the conceptual phase, through planning and design up until the delivery of usable digital solutions. While following strict project management standards, we also put special emphasis on being approachable in trainings and change management.

Besides digital solutions we build a team and a company

The key to rapid end-to-end solutions is to work in a closely-knit team. Our knowledge is in our head, but Nextwit’s real power is in the team and in our common experience from successful projects and lessons learnt from failures. We use proven global frameworks and technology, while loving the vibe of Budapest and appreciate our home cities different characteristics across Hungary. We joined Bridge Budapest’s Acceptable Corporate Culture initiative, because we believe in smart solutions and goal-oriented mindset rather than loopholes inregulation.
Márton Horváth

I founded Nextwit to build a team where it is not only fun to work, but where we can stand for the fact that IT is a two-word acronym: technology is only supports our need to make better, trusted and clearly put decisions.

Partner | Data Architect

Ármin Gulbert

I decided to run my own digital agency, because it was shocking to see how companies and corporate leaders fail in digital transformations. At Nextwit we focus on real impact on real people while helping our client’s digital initiatives.

Partner | Service Designer

Dávid Keresztes

At Nextwit we combine professional integrity, innovation and creative problem solving. I joined the team, because our truly client-focused approach to business problems, while delivering solutions taking into consideration their available options and openness to change.

Business Consultant

Péter Kókai

Nextwit brings a unique approach delivering the “Aha!” factor. We are solving real client problems, together with a shared vocabulary and clear steps forward. We do this with solutions serving the harmony of people and data.

Data Management Expert

We’re happy to share our approach to our client’s challenge

How can we increase efficiency and service quality with data driven decisions?

Hogyan tudok magasabb színvonalú idősgondozást nyújtani anélkül, hogy elvesznék a feladatokban? (in Hungarian)

Hogyan tudok a kereskedelmi elvárások alapján iránymutatást adni a termelésnek és jobb eredményt elérni? (in Hungarian)

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