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Tech Unicorn

A leading tech unicorn company was struggling to extract actionable insights from the massive amounts of data collected by its web analytics tools, with a data structure that was ill-equipped for the task, leading to performance bottlenecks. Our intervention involved a thorough evaluation of their data analytics infrastructure, resulting in the implementation of a streamlined, optimized data structure and a reconfiguration of the web analytics capturing process. The newly designed system facilitated smoother data integration and processing, enabling the analytics team to extract meaningful insights more efficiently. Ultimately, this led to a more profound understanding of analytics capabilities, setting clear milestones for the company to follow, and paving the way for enhanced decision-making support.

1 month

Our partner, a tech unicorn company faced a persistent challenge: the lack of clear insights derived from web analytics data. A vast amount of data is being generated daily through their web analytics capturing tool. However, a more effective way was needed to answer the related business and performance questions. The company aimed to enhance its business intelligence capabilities by refining its data analytics infrastructure.

Client Challenge

The existing data structure was not adequate to handle the complexity of information needed to make better business decisions, resulting in performance bottlenecks and an inability to provide actionable insights. The challenge lay in the ability to redesign the data structure, learn to configure the web analytics capturing process to streamline operations and improve performance, thus enabling the extraction of meaningful insights from the vast amounts of data being collected.


To address the challenge, we did a common and comprehensive research of their data infrastructure in the analytics domain. We proposed a redesigned data structure, leveraging a leaner approach to optimize performance and facilitate efficient data processing. By identifying distinct data pipelines and showing integration bottlenecks, the analytics team is able to ensure a smoother outlook of the potential solution for the organization's analytics ecosystem.

Recognizing the challenges, they gained a clearer understanding of analytics capabilities to improve them. Defined clear milestones to guide them through the maze of buzzwords and half-baked solution sin the analytics universe. This approach facilitated their journey towards implementing effective and sustainable analytics strategies down the road. To provide faster and better decision support service they fixed the basics with the key business term in preparation for answering relevant business question sat the reporting level.  

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