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Driving B2B carsharing to the next level with a data-fueled strategy! Discover the results of our project where we helped a top carsharing company tackle a discrepancy in their contracted customer base. Learn how our data-driven approach streamlined operations, improved customer satisfaction, and paved the way for sustainable business success. Click now to read more!

The situation

We partnered with a leading carsharing company to tackle a discrepancy in their contracted customer base. Despite high forecasted figures, actual user numbers usually fell short. The goal was to unlock growth in the B2B segment and drive a 20% increase. We considered it a fascinating challenge worthy of looking into.

The challenge

Carsharing is on the up, and even though currently B2B clients are responsible for only a fraction of the sector’s total revenue, this is expected to change soon. As businesses seek to reduce fleet costs, this market presents a significant opportunity for growth. Streamlining operations and strengthening this area are therefore priorities. After taking a closer look, our team discovered that the company’s business processes, customer handling and communication activities were neither documented, nor standard. So the goals were to design the ideal customer journey, formalize the onboarding processes, and ensure that actual and expected user numbers align, all while prioritizing customer satisfaction and support an increase in the frequency of the use of service.


What we did

  1. Uncovered the situation through in-depth interviews and journey mapping
  2. Created a service blueprint and a concept outlining how to change the operational model
  3. Prioritized the implementation of key initiatives and developed a roadmap highlighting quick wins

Delivered impact

We successfully identified the underlying communication gaps in the interaction between the company, its clients and the end users. A systematic solution was co-created, offering a clear vision for optimized operations, desired work processes and the utilization of automation tools - with the added benefit of immediate applicability. With our data-driven approach we have set the stage for subsequent potential gains in active drivers and customer satisfaction, enabling the company to handle new challenges and reach their business goals without the need for new IT development. Our partnership with the company culminated in the full approval of our recommendations and brought about a major shift in their operations, all within just 6 weeks.

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