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We help you to gain a data-driven understanding about your business and call your next best move with greater confidence and agility. 

Nextwit principles to win
decisive situations


Rely on crystal clear and trustworthy data

It all starts with reliable and understandable information about your business. It requires clear data definitions to have common understanding within the company. Forget paper based information capture and storage. We coach you to enhance your data culture in your company and we build easy to use digital tools and dashboards providing insights for your next business decision. Combined with our cloud based data integration skills you will have everything in one place.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Build and enhance data culture
  • Data integration
  • Digitize business process to enrich data

Use multiple perspectives to understand your situation

At the end of the day the successful business relies on your customers and employees. Why don't you start the situation assessment with the people facing the end result of your decision? Combine it with a strong financial perspective to see the effect on your bottom line. We help you with asking the right questions from you and your customers / employees, analyzing your data and assess the results together.
Our services to assess your situation:

  • Review your business from a customer point-of-view
  • Analyze current and future financial situation
  • Run situation assessment workshops and sprints

Plan and deliver projects with a minimum viable product approach

The moment of truth when the large portion of initiatives fails. Successful delivery starts with well defined business priorities and objectives related to your company strategy. If you won't have an impact with the project you run, stop it right now.
We also believe that we live in an era when you can have ambitions and goals for years, but progress has to come in weeks and months. We split the project scope into smaller, viable pieces that deliver business benefits and give you the opportunity to learn and change direction.

However, it's the disciplined project management which helps you to get results:

  • Impact and priority mapping
  • Set up and run project management office
  • Design and Rapid App Development Sprints

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