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We have helped decision makers from small / medium business and large corporations. We love to solve challenges and creating viable solutions.

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Data Culture / Data Integration / Solution Delivery
Big picture 100+ apartments

We helped a real estate rental company - managing a portfolio with 100+ apartments - to get a comprehensive view on their business. We integrated data from Airbnb, Booking, Guesty and other sources, and coached the owners how to interpret their financial performance.With our solution the company got a detailed view about the performance of its apartments which enabled the company owner to manage the portfolio with a data-driven approach. We built tools on the Microsoft 365 stack and in the PowerBI service.

Data Culture / Impact Mapping / Project Management
Business Intelligence Driven
Insurance Company

A leading Hungarian insurance provider embarked on the data-driven journey. As multiple departments performed analytics and business intelligence tasks the data and technology landscape needed to be reassessed, pain-points and obstacles needed to be mapped and andressed. Together with IFUA Horváth and Partners we helped them to fine-tune their understanding about being data driven, assessed their business intelligence maturity and technology architecture and guided them in the data governance realm.Through extensive interviews and workshops we mapped their key priorities and linked the data driven initiatives to their strategic objectives. We also focused their attention on the increased importance of client interaction data for sales initiatives and the importance of analytics agility in the financial domain.We delivered a roadmap for ther BI portfolio and a detailed project plan for each initiative. In addition to that we also helped them to understand the agile concepts in BI delivery and guided them in the ever increasing technology landscape.

Data culture / Service Design / Solution Architecture / Solution Delivery
Process digitization and decision support enhancement
at a high-end interior design company

We teamed up with Szinergia to digitize how CODE Showroom runs its business. We created all-around user journeys and information flow in order to identify critical data domains, pain-points and user expectations. We delivered five business applications - a ligthweight ERP solution - which digitized the core processes and activities. PowerBI dashboards visualized key business topics so the owner and financial manager could have a transparent view about what's going on at the Showroom.

Data culture / Contextual Research
Business fitness study for contemporary fashion company

INQ is one of the most unique contemporary fashion company on the Hungarian market creating high quality designer clothes. Our assignment was to create a business plan for the company based on historical financial data and contextual customer researches.
We have collected and structured the financials of the company, including cash in- and out-flows, inventory movements. We also mapped the internal processes to understand the cost structure. In the meantime we ran a quantitative research to understand customer behavioral patterns on a large scale, extended with an in-depth understanding through interviews with customers and store visits to check what happens with them in their customer journey.
As an outcome we delivered a business plan for the upcoming years with scenario assessment, and coached the owner how data can help decision making.

Data culture / Impact Mapping / Solution Architecture
Data Governance Strategy for major pharma company

We helped a major Hungarian pharmaceutical company assessing their current state of data governance maturity with special focus on master data management.We teamed up with their strategic consultant, IFUA Horváth & Partners and through numerous interviews we assessed their maturity compared to market best practices and strict regulations coming for the GxP practices. With strong focus on requirements coming from pharmacovigilance best practices we coached them how to approach their master data strategy, what to do next to successfully support their digitization efforts.We assessed and prioritized their data domains, mapped their supporting technology architecture and also gave them a detailed road-map on possible next steps in the organizational aspects of data governance.After selecting a possible pilot candidate for our recommendations we also helped them to plan their first project to be delivered according to the newly accepted principles.

Data culture / Solution Architecture / Solution Delivery / Project Management
Building the Group
Data Services Department for OTP Group
Microsoft global has showcased our previous work in Hungary's largest retail banking group, OTP. Check the link below to see how we approached the enormous task of collecting all the relevant data for day-to-day decision making from more than 60 subsidiaries and 2000+ colleagues.
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Nextwit solutions to help decision makers with insights

Having trouble with cash-flow planning?

No matter if it's troubled times or a calm period in business having a view ahead means competitive advantage for your company.

Our Microsoft Power BI based solution integrates all the necessary information to help you see current, planned and forecasted cash-flow position of your company. Through the assessment process we understand what drive your cash-flow position. We help you structure your data and automate data processes. In the final step we create interactive dashboards and reports to get your from data to information, then coach you and your colleagues how to utilize these tools on a daily basis.

Need a comprehensive tool on your project portfolio?

With our solution we help you to follow the progress of your projects with in-depth and time-stamped data from Trello boards.

We know that coordinating a big project team can be a complex task. Multiple task lists, fractured data, isolated colleagues make keeping the pace with your business difficult. It's hard to choose the right mix of dashboard add-ins without making your life even more complex. We deliver your data to a database accessible by your most familiar tools. With our deep experience in project management, we can also help you to get the most out of your data (and stunning dashboards). Our time tracking app helps you to measure team efforts and times. We provide customizable dashboards for project managers and business owners, but also can help you to import data into Microsoft Excel or any tools that you use on a regular basis.

Go beyond resource utilization and measure your team's engagement!

Enable your employees to give you valuable feedback on their tasks and daily life at the company. Our Power Apps based solution helps you to gather information in a fun way. Employees can rate activities and fill weekly pulse forms with a few taps.

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