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Rapid Digitization Training by Nextwit

Most of the companies struggle to provide internal solutions which are easy to use and customizable. Our response is a four-day long training with our digitization and data experts to learn how to create a business app with Microsoft PowerApps. Digital transformation programs start day-by-day. We show you how todigitize with ease!

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Past Events

How to use the Power Platform to support
business decision making

Online Microsoft meetup, 23 June 2020 5:00pm

We love the Microsoft Power Platform and believe that it can be the best friend of decision makers to collect inputs and visualize data. At Microsoft's next meetup we will show cases when digital solutions - powered by the Power Platform - helped and can help decision makers.

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Decision Making in Isolation:
How to Get Insights About Your Project
Nextwit Roundtable, 26th May 2020, 19:00 CET

The aim of this roundtable series is to help decision makers in the COVID-19 era. We and the participants share tips, tools and practices how to keep projects structured and successful. We will present cases how we got valuable insights about projects.

Data-driven decision making during the COVID19 crisis
Closed event, 13th May 2020

At the next MVÜK Café, together with Szinergia we discuss the importance of the data-driven decision making. We will showcase smart practices how leaders can start to build data culture at their companies. We present examples when data helped in cash flow, team efficiency and employee engagement related decisions. Participation is limited for MVÜK members.

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