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How can I track our maintenance activities in an efficient way, so we can minimize idle time?

Egy ipari környzetben kiemelten fontos a transzparencia és a hatékonyság. Hogyan tudja mindezt egy üzleti alkalmazás támogatni, úgy, hogy mellette a dolgozói élményt is a következő szintre emeljük?


As many companies with the same profile, process orchestration and information sharing relied on phone calls, Excel tables and whiteboards. Preparation for decision making required extra effort,comprehensive overview on the magnitude of the ongoing projects were lagging.However, the new Health & Safety + Maintenance Manager brought a fresh mindset to disrupt the current maintenance practice with step-by-step digitization. The driving principle was clear: to get the operations more transparent, so they can make better decision.

Our approach

Figure out why change is needed

We ran a discovery phase to understand pain points and expectations. We defined the key project outcomes and related activities.Keeping in mind that we must deliver impact.

Creating the desired state together

We went through a comprehensive design process to define new “Maintenance practice”. We defined new processes,crafted app and data structures with the purpose of increased transparency.

Delivering in a comfortable pace

We selected an iterative way to deliver the application, so we could polish the usability and functionality based on user feedback. We accepted the adoption pace of our client and  we set up regular checkpoints to nudge them toward extended usage.


Lean processes to improve efficiency and clarifying roles

Based on stakeholder interviews and group level expectations we defined new maintenance processes, with role and skill definitions. Based on these and the interviews we designed how the daily work and collaboration will look like.

Mobile application to manage machinery data and maintenance jobs

We delivered a mobile application on the Power Apps platform which includes:

  • Maintenance experts can manage the machinery master data.
  • Create and manage maintenance work forms.
  • Link maintenance work issues to jobs as a quality management functionality.

Reports with real time data supporting decisions

Based on the daily decision making situations we defined the metrics and report structures. We used PowerBI to create standard reportson machinery status and maintenance job tracking.

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